Elected members, Party activists and human rights campaigners supported Shahrar’s candidacy for Deputy Leader in 2014.

tamsin omond_web_“Thoughtful, energetic and a man who listens: Shahrar will make an excellent Deputy Leader. Super impressive!”
Tamsin Omond, founder of Climate Rush

Sian Berry“I was very grateful for Shahrar’s comprehensive grasp of policy in his role as London policy co-ordinator, and his ability to steer us through developing stories and situations. He’s an accomplished and arresting public speaker and would do a great job as Deputy Leader.”
Cllr Sian Berry, Green Councillor for Highgate, Camden and former Principal Speaker

JennyJones“Shahrar has proved himself to be an accomplished speaker and media performer, as well as playing a strong role in our regional party. He would be a very good Deputy Leader.”
Baroness Jenny Jones, London Assembly member

Brian Orr“Qualities that have enabled Shahrar to undertake an impressive range of responsibilities within the London Federation and local party structure are a remarkable capacity for hard work, a capacity for working with people, using his abilities to both understand others and to persuade them, and an especially well-developed grasp of the essentials of the Green Party’s political base. These abilities have stood out at elections where he can in particular enthuse young activists. Shahrar’s intrinsic qualities of intelligence, personality, persuasiveness and friendliness, as well as being an excellent speaker, make him a singularly good candidate to be the Green Party’s Deputy Speaker.”
Brian Orr, life-member of the GPEW and convenor of Brent Green Party

“I read your Why Vote Green and thought it was excellent! Very much enjoyed reading it and thought it was well written, insightful and passionate. If I wasn’t already a member, I’m pretty sure it would’ve convinced me to join!”
Robert Szmigielski

Jean Robertson Molloy“I’ll be voting for Shahrar Ali as deputy leader for the following reasons: His book Why Vote Green is still relevant and is the most lucid exposition I’ve seen of the Green cause. He is an excellent organiser at election times. He has an admirably clear speaking style. Above all he is a friendly and highly approachable person.”
Jean Robertson-Molloy, Enfield Green Party

Noel Lynch“Over the twelve years I have known Shahrar, he has been a vital force for Green politics across London as an officer, activist and candidate. He is super-reliable during an election campaign, a brilliant team-player, quick-witted on hustings, on TV and determined to win over every voter. He has been particularly active in raising our vote amongst the ethnic community and was a great help to me in expanding the reach of our language leaflets during the GLA elections. Shahrar is tenacious in promoting the Green Party. His production of a full slate for the 2010 Brent Local Elections was a tour-de-force of organisation, inspiration and community involvement. I urge you to give Shahrar your No. 1 Vote, so we can see the Party raise its game ahead of the general election.”
Noel Lynch, Joint Coordinator, London Federation of Green Parties, Co-Convenor and founder, Green Party Trade Union Group, Co-chair, Green Senior Group

Ben Samuel“Here in Barnet we are up against it. Shahrar has been part of the Green Movement making the environmental case for the Welsh Harp, a community asset we share. Shahrar’s website, is a democratic, lively, and right on resource for present, past and future generations. I urge you to vote for Shahrar.”
Ben Samuel, Barnet Green Party

Debbie_Fink“I respect and admire Shahrar’s commitment to fighting injustice and suffering around the world. He has consistently raised the issue of the plight of the Palestinians both inside and outside the party. He has spoken out publicly on such matters as the disgraceful decision of the BBC in 2009 not to broadcast the DEC appeal for Gaza and the Israeli attack on the first Gaza flotilla. He combines intellectual weight with political acumen and a heartfelt passion for justice.”
Deborah Fink, Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Dan Viesnik“In the years I have known Shahrar, he has been a tireless political campaigner on environmental justice and human rights issues. I have no doubt that he would make an outstanding Deputy Leader.”
Dan Viesnik, peace activist (pictured with placard)

“I have seen how passionate and committed Shahrar is about Green politics, in fighting against discrimination of all kinds, speaking out against unjust anti-terror legislation, and in seeking meaningful progress on climate change. I know he would make an outstanding Deputy Leader. He is able to deal with issues with patience and Hikma (wisdom) which I feel is an essential quality for any politician.”
Khalid Akram, human rights activist

“Shahrar Ali would make a great deputy leader. He is a passionate and hardworking campaigner and a strong media performer. The Green Party have great policies, Shahrar has the ability to get the message across in an articulate manner to a wider section of the electorate. I would urge you to consider giving Shahrar your first preference for deputy leader of the Green Party of England & Wales.”
Martyn Post, Croydon Green Party

bea_campbell“Shahrar gave me strong support when I first stood for the Greens in Hampstead and Kilburn at the 2010 general election. He understands the challenge of projecting the Greens above other, more established voices. He is passionate about planet and people, he is a campaigner and a thinker – and he would make a great Deputy Leader.”
Bea Campbell, broadcaster

ann_garrett“Shahrar has been a highly committed member of the Green Party for many years, and made important contributions to formulating policies. He is also a strong activist, participated in key demonstrations, and spoken with great knowledge and integrity at public meetings. I fully support him.”
Ann Garrett, Bromley and Bexley Green Party

EPSON MFP image“Shahrar is a clear thinker, a good communicator, and a persuasive campaigner. I’m supporting him for Deputy Leader.”
Victor Anderson, Policy Co-ordinator East of England Euro campaign, former London Assembly Member (2000-2003)

DarrenJohnson“Shahrar has shown true dedication to the Green cause over a long and consistent period, a determined campaigner for a future that is both sustainable and just. Please consider giving him your support.”
Darren Johnson, Green Party London Assembly Member

peter_cranie“We are blessed with a field of such good male Deputy candidates, for many members it will be difficult to know how to vote. I’m going to be putting Shahrar Ali as my first preference for male deputy leader, and not just because he plays a mean game of pool at Conference. I’ve known Shahrar for many years and he is articulate and passionate about his politics. He has been at the forefront of challenging the internal processes that in the past led to a stereotypical view of the Greens as middle aged, middle class, white men. I think his election as Deputy would be a huge positive for our party. We are ready to break new ground in British politics again with the first non-white Deputy Leader of a major political party in the UK.”
Peter Cranie, Liverpool Green Party & former Lead candidate for North West Euro region

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