The Politics of Imagination: Some Twitter Reaction

To accompany full article, The Politics of Imagination: Green Party Empowered by Conference Speech

An activist imagining what the Deputy Leader result could mean for Green politics:

Benali reacting to the speech:

My closing line:

Ironically, I had to speak against this motion the following day and I think it went the right way.

My appearance on radio the following morning:

Part of a social media campaign to get Deputy Leader speeches broadcast by BBC Parliament:

Very nice precis of that part of the speech:

Thanks, Patrick, it’s the message!

Sadly, a failure of imagination of a party politically motivated sort:

Others weighed in on my behalf, but this is the answer that appeared to silence the rot:

Further excitement once video recording released on Greenpartyew:

Probably one of the most oft quoted slogans from that speech:

Slogan reappropriated!

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