Green Party Crowdfunding Success: Deputy Leader TV interview

Green Party Deputy Leader Shahrar Ali interviewed Live on Russia Today on funding for political parties and recent Green Party fundraising success ahead of General Election 2015. 19 Feb 2015.

Main points:
GP Governing exec approved idea and fundraiser in party office promoted this way of raising funds, esp for deposits.

We want to be standing a maximum number of candidates in the General election.

Great way for people to get involved through social media. Lots of people putting a little bit in can get quite a lot.

We’ve never had a lot of cash and always had to run elections on a shoestring budget, but gives us a certain resilience.

Politics isn’t about money. It’s about ideas. One of the reasons people gravitating towards us.

Mainstream parties falling out of favour due to producing endless amounts of literature on voters’ doorsteps.

We aim to get our message across with less literature, better for the planet. But also using all other various media, eg. success of Vote for Policies website.

In the long term we do advocate state funding, but don’t advocate the way Conservatives increased expenditure limit that they slipped under the radar just before Christmas.

We need to take politicised nature of donations out of the picture. We need everybody on an even keel.

Even local elections don’t require deposit, a model which has worked very well wholesale in Republic of Ireland.

GP raised 195k through this model so far.

People want to see direct connection between money donating and what it’s going to do.

Clear connection here – just to put your money towards us to be able to stand is a great thing for people to want to be able to do.


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